Cannabis Indoor Grow Rooms

Corrigan’s VaporDry™ produces the precise and reliable dry fog humidity that is needed in your vegetative grow room.

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When it comes to indoor cannabis grow rooms, maintaining the proper environment is essential for success. At the vegetative stage of plant life precise relative humidity levels between 45-60% are required, based on cultivator preferences. Insufficient humidity can stunt plant growth and excessive humidity can cause mold growth, resulting in wasted crop.

VaporDry™ Benefits

  • Precise humidity control using temperature & humidity sensor data.
  • Largest volume of dry fog from a single system.
  • Low air pressure + Low water pressure + Low maintenance = Low Cost.
  • Multiple control options.
  • Remote monitoring capabilities.

Cannabis Humidity Case Study

VaporDry™ System

VaporDry™ System

Patented technology that produces a fine vapor fog.

cannabis grow room with VaporDry systems