Corrigan’s humidity systems are designed to be precise and use state of the art technology to produce a dry fog. It’s humidity without the wetness.

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Greenhouses and Agricultural Applications

Greenhouse Humidity Control

  • Aeroponics
  • Hydroponics
  • Propagation Areas
  • Grow Rooms
  • Urban Farming
  • Greenhouses

With any indoor farming operation, temperatures affect the indoor grow room environment, yet humidity often gets overlooked. Inexperienced growers may not realize that humidity also plays a role in the outcome of their produce.

It’s important to control humidity during all growth stages and in any growing environment as it impacts the quality of crops, the growth of crops, and diseases. Maintaining proper humidity is especially important in the early stages of plant growth and it is important to control the humidity according to the specific varieties you’re growing. Too little humidity, and plants don’t get the inputs that they need for growth and metabolism.

VaporDry™ Benefits

  • Largest volume of dry fog from a single nozzle
  • Non-wetting vapor provides very high humidity in agricultural applications
  • Low air pressure + Low water pressure + Low maintenance = Low Cost
  • Multiple control options
  • Precise and reliable humidification
  • Remote monitoring capabilities
VaporDry™ System

VaporDry™ System

Patent pending technology that produces a fine vapor fog.


For aeroponics and other misting applications, UltraMist™ patented technology delivers extra moisture to wet rooms.

Ultramist™ Nozzle

Lifetime guarantee on UltraMist bar

  • Strong schedule 80 pipe
  • Fast install and easy maintenance
  • Low Flow Nozzles available for energy and water savings
  • Industry-best warranty
  • Lifetime guarantee on mist bar and nozzle shut off

Optional with Ultramist™


Corrigan’s TriOBreeze is a natural, residue-free misting disinfection system. It is chemical free, with no maintenance.

  • Proven Sanitizing System
  • Turn Key Operation