Data Centers

HydraFog™ DRH prevents electrostatic discharge (ESD), which is damaging to electronics.

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HydraFog DRH can provide optimal conditions for data centers.

Humidification in data centers is required to fight electrostatic discharge (ESD) that is damaging to electronics. ASHRAE recommends a humidity level of 60%RH and an allowable range between 20-80%RH. An evaporative cooling effect from adiabatic humidifiers increases cool air flow throughout the space, optimizing environmental conditions.

HydraFog™ Direct Room Humidifier

HydraFog DRH unit

HydraFog DRH Benefits

  • Cost effective small footprint
  • Low maintenance alternative to ultrasonic humidification
  • Prevents electrostatic discharge (ESD)
  • Controller with real-time monitoring capabilities
  • Provides clean, healthy humidity to promote wellness and a comfortable environment
  • 90% more energy efficient than traditional steam humidifiers
  • Integrated TriOBreeze™ sanitization maintains internal humidifier cleanliness
  • Easy installation