Employee Wellness

HydraFog Ducted Humidifiers provide clean, healthy humidity to promote wellness and a comfortable environment.

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Having the proper Relative Humidity Percentage can help in reducing the transmission of viruses.

With the concerns of the Coronavirus, being indoors with a lot of people can be unsettling. Practicing social distancing and wearing masks is good, but having the correct Relative Humidity can make the environment even safer.

Cold, dry air outside that is brought inside of warm workplaces can reduce the Relative Humidity to very low levels. At these low levels, virus particles can travel through the air very easily. That’s where Corrigan’s HydraFog Ducted Humidification comes in. HydraFog Ducted can keep the proper Relative Humidity levels, making the workplace safer and reducing the transmission of viruses.

Dr. Stephanie Taylor says: 'Take action and join me in the fight against respiratory infections! Relative humidity of 40-60% in buildings will reduce respiratory infections and save lives.'

HydraFog™ Ducted Humidifier

Intelligent Design. Simple to Maintain.

HydraFog™ Direct Room Humidifier

HydraFog Ducted installed on an office wall

HydraFog Ducted / Direct Room Humidification Benefits

  • The small footprint allows for direct-room or ducted humidification for optimal energy savings and cost effectiveness.
  • The low maintenance alternative to ultrasonic humidification
  • Easy installation
  • Controller with real-time monitoring capabilities
  • Provides clean, healthy humidity to promote wellness and a comfortable environment
  • 90% more energy efficient than traditional steam humidifiers