The low maintenance alternative to ultrasonic humidification.

Save space, energy and time with a maintenance-free HydraFog humidification system.

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HydraFog™ Ducted Humidifier

For offices and other large spaces, HydraFog™ Ducted Humidifiers provide clean, healthy humidity to promote wellness and a comfortable environment.

HydraFog Ducted device

VaporPlus™ Humidity System

VaporPlus™ is ideal for any applications requiring high humidity levels.

From warehouses, to concrete cure rooms, to service cases and cold rooms; VaporPlus™ suits them all.

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concrete curing room


VaporDry™ maintains a high humidity environment, without the dripping and dampness on walls, racking and floors.

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For warehouses, greenhouses, urban farming, grow facilities and high ceiling applications, we make the VaporDryHP™ high pressure humidity system.

VaporDryHP high ceiling