Whisper Quiet


Engineered to humidify small spaces and designed to be maintenance-free.

Warranty: 2 Years Parts, 1 Year LaborDownload HydraFog™ Brochure

Provides high humidity to perishables or spaces that require precise humidification.


Ideal for spaces that are moisture sensitive and require humidification

  • Flexible, small footprint installation
  • The low maintenance alternative to ultrasonic humidification
  • Products maintain moisture and marketability
  • Attracts customers with an appealing  gentle rolling fog
  • Controller with real-time monitoring capabilities


HydraFog nozzles

Each unit is engineered for reliability and precision fabricated to ensure flawless operation.

  • Elegant stainless steel design with no tubing or wires visible. Available with a 90° or 45° interchangeable nozzle.
  • HydraFog has a closed plumbing system that only requires simple, clean-in-place preventative maintenance.
Whisper quiet

Whisper quiet

At less than 30 decibels, the patented HydraFog system is remarkably quiet.

Adjustable vent holes allow for various levels of fog.

HydraFog Specifications

Water Filtration

  • 0.20 micron filter
  • Corrigan 100% KDF antibacterial filter
  • Reverse Osmosis & other water filtration options available

Reliable, High Pressure Pump

  • High efficiency fractional HP, 115 V motor
  • Plunger pump built to ISO 9001 standards
  • Compact design
  • Forged manifold with lifetime warranty

316 Stainless Steel Diffusers

  • Standing tube with 90° bend or 45° bend
  • Adjustable output for all humidity levels
  • Additional diffuser styles available

HMI Touch Screen Control Display

  • NEMA 4X (indoor) display face
  • RJ45 Ethernet Port and USB-A Port (2.0) for data logging

PLC Control
(Programmable Logic Controller)

  • Interface with refrigeration control systems
  • Custom programming
  • Remote monitoring available

Humidity and Temperature Transmitter

  • Interface with existing control systems
  • Probe range: Heated 0-100% RH, Standard 0-80% RH
  • Stable measurements in demanding climate conditions
  • Remote monitoring available