Meat, Seafood and Deli

Corrigan Systems will increase your sales and profits by maintaining proper humidity levels throughout the case

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Both Préserve™ and VaporPlus™ systems share a lot of the same benefits when using with meat, seafood and deli cases.

  • Provide high humidity to perishables
  • Maintain a fresh, natural appearance and extend product shelf life and marketability
  • Preserve product weight for higher returns at the scale
  • Attract customers with an appealing product and gentle rolling fog
  • Eliminate the need to ice seafood displays

Préserve™ Perishable Preservation System

True Dry Fog—Non-Wetting

  • Most energy efficient system in the industry
  • Can be installed above the product to accommodate various case styles
  • No FDA mandated service contract required
  • Clean, closed plumbing system exceeds health department requirements
  • Full coverage, quiet operation
  • No compressed air needed
  • Very low maintenance
  • Longer shelf life
  • Protects display from drying effects of refrigeration

Préserve Components

Préserve Nebulizing Nozzle

Préserve Nebulizing Nozzle

5-micron dry fog nozzles raise humidity levels throughout the case protecting perishables.

Préserve Controller

Préserve Controller

Preferred humidity level is easily achieved with flexible settings.

VaporPlus™ Humidity System

deli case

VaporPlus™ Benefits

  • Simple timer operation (or easy to set humidistat)
  • Humidity fills case without wetting product
  • Does not require costly reverse osmosis water filtration
  • Ease of installation
  • Very low maintenance
  • Best industry warranty
  • Certified by NSF169

seafood case

VaporPlus Components

Water Atomizing Nozzle

Water Atomizing Nozzle

Stainless steel nozzle produces fine vapor fog, won’t rust and resists clogging.

Timer Control

Timer Control

Flexible setting so preferred humidity level is easily achieved.

Compressor Unit

Compressor Unit

Low profile design for installation ease with adjustable water regulator for added humidity control.

Optional Add-on For Fresh and Safe Seafood

TriOBreeze™ Activated Oxygen Technology

Activated oxygen technology is a natural and safe way to kill bacteria. Easily added to Préserve or VaporPlus, TrioBreeze produces activated oxygen fog to extend product life, keep cases cleaner and reduce odors.

TriOBreeze device

Natural and chemical-free, with no maintenance.

Can be used with Préserve and VaporPlus.