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VaporDryHP™ High Pressure Humidity System

VaporDryHP is ideal for warehouses, greenhouses, urban farming, grow facilities and high ceiling applications.

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Ideal for high ceilings and large spaces

  • Reliable and accurate humidity control to 100% RH
  • High pressure humidity system
  • Very fine mist
  • No compressor required
  • The cost effective energy saving solution
  • 90% more energy efficient than traditional steam humidifiers

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Water Atomizing Nozzle

Customized nozzle and stainless steel pipe system

VaporDryHP nozzle

VaporDryHP Specifications

System Output and Requirements

  • 6 lbs./hour per nozzle
  • No air required

Water Filtration

  • 0.20 micron sediment filter
  • Corrigan 100% KDF antibacterial filter
  • Reverse Osmosis & other water filtration options available

Reliable High Pressure Pump

  • Triplex plunger
  • Long life pressure seals
  • Flows from 0.25 gpm to 4.0 gpm

Stainless Steel Mist Bar

  • Low-profile stainless steel design
  • Cost effective for large spaces
  • Rated to 3000 psi

Controller Enclosure

  • NEMA rated
  • Multiple module control panels available
  • Specified to meet any application

Humidity and Temperature Transmitter

  • Interface with existing control systems
  • Probe range: Heated 0-100% RH, Standard 0-80% RH
  • Stable measurements in demanding climate conditions
  • Remote monitoring available