UltraMist Moist Room Control – Concrete Room

UltraMist™ Moist Room Control

UltraMist Moist Room Control systems utilize high efficiency misting technology to control temperature and humidity levels.

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UltraMist™ Moist Room Control Benefits

  • The system controls the temperature to 23+/-2°C per ASTM C511.
  • The system also maintains a relative humidity level of not less than 95%.
  • An hourly 15-second mist cycle keeps your core samples looking and feeling moist.
  • All required parts are included.
  • Easy to install.

UltraMist bar has a lifetime guarantee

Facility Requirements

  • 110V 60HZ 20 amp outlet within 4 feet of the control panel
  • Dedicated 40-gallon water heater set to a minimum of 125°F
  • Hot and cold water plumbed near the control panel

All Required Parts Are Included

control panel screens

Control Panel

  • A programmable logic controller (PLC)
  • LCD touch screen
  • Heated probe temperature and humidity sensor
  • Sediment filtration to prohibit nozzle clogging
  • Two solenoid valves for hot and cold water

Mist Bar

  • UltraMist™ mist bar and nozzles are proven reliable since 1979.
  • The 1/2” OD bars are easily connected with push-fit technology.
  • Fifty-two feet of mist bar is provided. A nozzle is located every foot.
  • The provided mist bar and nozzles cover a typical 10’ X 15’ room.

Data Logging

The PLC allows for real-time temperature and percent relative humidity data logging to be seen on the control panel. In addition, data logging of the temperature and percent relative humidity is recorded on a USB drive in 15-minute intervals.

NOTE: PLC controls temperature by regulating hot and cold water valves. Your moist room will only get as cold as your cold water and as hot as your water.