Floral Arrangements and Fresh Cut Flowers

If flowers do not get enough moisture from the air and surrounding environment they will succumb to water stress, creating undesirable effects like color loss, bent neck, loss of brightness and wilting before their time. Relative humidity levels should be kept at 80-90%.


The patent-pending HydraFog™ humidity system is engineered to be precise and reliable. The system emits a gentle dry fog that cascades over floral displays. It’s humidity without the wetness.

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HydraFog nozzles

HydraFog Benefits

  • Maintains a fresh, vibrant appearance and extends flower shelf life and marketability
  • Adaptable to most case styles
  • Attracts customers with a gentle cascading fog
  • Controller with real-time humidification monitoring capabilities
  • High humidity without condensation
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Easy cleaning and low maintenance
  • Adjustable vent holes allow for various levels of fog

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