Préserve™ Perishable Preservation System

A true dry fog (non-wetting system) that maintains proper humidity levels throughout the case

Patent Pending Corrigan CorporationWater and Energy Savings Nebulizing Nozzle

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True Dry Fog - Non-Wetting

Préserve emits a hydrating fog of humidity creating a cooling effect that surrounds produce.

  • Most energy efficient system in the industry
  • Can be installed above the product to accommodate various case styles
  • No FDA mandated service contract required
  • Clean, closed plumbing system that exceeds health department requirements
  • Full coverage, quiet operation
  • No compressed air needed
  • Very low maintenance
  • Perishable items maintain a fresh, natural appeal
  • High humidity equates to less shrink
  • Longer shelf life
  • Ice can be eliminated in seafood cases
  • Protects display from drying effects of refrigeration

Perishable Preservation System

Préserve is a non-wetting, 5-micron fogging system that protects meat, seafood, deli, and prepared foods in service cases. The system creates a high humidity environment that prohibits moisture loss and extends product life.

Préserve requires low energy and water consumption and is uniquely engineered to be easy to maintain. The patent pending point-of-use technology is the only nebulizing system on the market without an open reservoir. The clean fog is created using a closed plumbing system, exceeding health department requirements.

Engineered to maximize versatility, the system is installed above the product to accommodate all case styles.

Préserve System Components

Préserve Nebulizing Nozzle

Préserve Nebulizing Nozzle

5-micron dry fog nozzles raise humidity levels throughout the case protecting perishables.

Préserve Controller

Préserve Controller

Preferred humidity level is easily achieved with flexible settings.

<i></i>For Fresh and Safe Seafood

For Fresh and Safe Seafood

Activated oxygen technology is a natural and safe way to kill bacteria. Easily added to Préserve, TrioBreeze produces activated oxygen fog to extend product life, keep cases cleaner and reduce odors.