HydraFog Ducted device

HydraFog™ Ducted Humidifier

Corrigan’s HydraFog Ducted Humidifiers use high pressure diffusion to effectively humidify any size space.

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Safe, energy efficient humidification for ducted and direct-room applications requiring reliable humidification

  • The small footprint allows for direct-room or ducted humidification for optimal energy savings and cost effectiveness.
  • The low maintenance alternative to ultrasonic humidification
  • Easy installation
  • Controller with real-time monitoring capabilities
  • Provides clean, healthy humidity to promote wellness and a comfortable environment
  • 90% more energy efficient than traditional steam humidifiers

Intelligent Design. Simple to Maintain.

HydraFog Ducted installed on an office wall

HydraFog Specifications

Water Filtration

  • 0.20 micron filter
  • Corrigan 100% KDF antibacterial filter
  • Reverse Osmosis and other water filtration options available

Reliable, High Pressure Pump

  • High efficiency fractional HP, 115 V motor
  • Plunger pump built to ISO 9001 standards
  • Compact design
  • Forged manifold with lifetime warranty


  • Adjustable output for all humidity levels
  • No-tool disassembly

HMI Touch Screen Control Display

  • NEMA 4X (indoor) display face
  • RJ45 Ethernet Port and USB-A Port (2.0) for data logging

PLC Control
(Programmable Logic Controller)

  • Interface with refrigeration control systems
  • Custom programming
  • Remote monitoring available

Humidity and Temperature Transmitter

  • Interface with existing control systems
  • Probe range: Heated 0-100% RH, Standard 0-80% RH
  • Stable measurements in demanding climate conditions
  • Remote monitoring available