Paper and Printing Applications

VaporDry™ is ideal for applications requiring controlled humidity levels. From printing press rooms, to warehouses, to paper manufacturing facilities, VaporDry™ suits them all.

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Paper is hygroscopic and changes dimensionally with varying humidity levels. For optimum printing and paper storage conditions the relative humidity is recommended to be between 50 and 60% RH. Outside of this humidity range misregistration, static electricity, poor ink adhesion and picking on the press can occur.

Let VaporDry™ control your humidity level and optimize your printing quality.

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Humidity Without Wetness!

Corrigan continues to innovate and push industry standards with its larger space humidification systems designed to offer high relative humidity by achieving a non-condensing dry fog.

VaporDry™ produces the largest volume of dry fog from a single nozzle and a water droplet size as small as 2 microns and consistently well below 10 microns.

Low Air Pressure + Low Water Pressure + Low Maintenance = Low Cost

VaporDry™ Benefits

  • Simple timer operation (or easy to set humidistat)
  • Humidity fills room without wetting walls and floors
  • Does not require costly reverse osmosis water filtration
  • Remote monitoring capabilities
  • Ease of installation
  • Very low maintenance
  • Best industry warranty

VaporDry’s optional humidistat precisely detects %RH, turning on and off only when needed. With multiple control options, it can be customized to meet your specific humidification needs.